All are from the Nathan boone interview in the draper papers unless other wise stated.

"my dogs chased one and had him (a buffalo) flat upon his side. instead of shooting the buffaol, i took my knife and went to stab it, but the knife struck a rib, and being thin, the blade bent at the handle. When the buffalo regained his feet and loosened himself from the dogs, he turned his attention before me."

while building a new cabin in a new spot...
"we brought along provisions needed for the first year. My father and i kiled a few deer, and we lived mostly on venison. We cleared 10 acres and raised 2 crops there, in 1796 and 97. We spent the first fall and winter preparing for the crops."

waste of meat...
"i killed one or 2 other deer during this hunt. while we were together father shot a bear, and one or 2 others when he was alone his first day. from these 2 or 3 bear we saved all the mear, and of the 10 or 15 deer, we saved only the best hindquarters."

indians..camo? concealment, not color?
"nearly the entire time i lived at point pleasant there were indian troubles. the indians would frequently get upon the high ridge behind the town, just above crooked creek. there they would erect blinds and spy out what they could discover."

washing clothes...
"while stationed at belleville they started for a neighboring lick to deer hung. they passed mrs. mary galrooth washing clothes in the river; they spashed her, she splashed them."

powder horn..
"there my father saw among millers cattle an animal of unusually large horns, he expressed a wish taht he had one of them, as it would make a splendid powder horn. Miller said he planned to kill the cow in a few days and would do it now and did so. he gave father the desired horn and he engraved his name and the year upon it."

"there the gingseng was packed on horses and transported to colonel thomas hart in hagerstown, maryland." "father was busily employed in digging ginseng. he emplyed several hands for this work..."

"father had no sword but was armed with a very long english fowling peice, which he seldom used. he took it with him on this occasion and loaded each shot with 3 or 4 rifle bullets and 16 or 18 buckshot. "

"in the bustle he lost his large, cheap, one bladed pocket knife, which he had in his hand picking out walnut meats, which probably fell into the creek."

powder horn strap.. separate from bag.
"one ball cut the strap of his powder horn loose. he believed that if they had wished they might easily have killed him."

when the indians kidnapped his daughters...
olive boone related "colonel daniel boone always said he got no moccasins till the indians were defeated, when some were found in their packs."

" we used to gather nettles a sort of hemp toward spring, and when it became rotted by the wet weather, we would spin them. it was very strong. it grows in rich land about 4 feet high. nettles the warp and buffalo wool spun the filling- both spun. for socks the buffalo wool along was used. it was quit soft and wears very well."

"the hunters, including my father when in kentucky would wear maccasins of deer skins, stuffed well with deers hair to answer the place of stockings. these were very warm. deerskin leggings were fastenend at the top to a body belt on whish the scabbard would also be attached. the leggings were then tied below the knee. in the evening if the leggings and moccasins were wet, they were well dried and rubbed soft. the moaccasins were taken off for the night as they presered far longer; the perspiration of hte feet eventually destroyed the moccasin. hunters kept their feet to the fire at night which would render the moccasin unnecessary. they never wore them nights unless apprehensive of danger in which case they would then often tie them to their guns, ready to be snatched up at a moment. this lying with teh feet to the fire is what the old hunters attributed their uniform good health to. the onlyother garment made of deerskins was the outer garment or hunting shirt. my father, daniel boone always despised the raccoon fur cas and did not wear one himself, as he always had a hat. "

from simon kenton his life and period.
about hte battle of point pleasant. a little about frontier militia and frontier battles...
"it was no more than a "pick up" army, raw recruits everyone as far as military discipline went, but every man of them a fighter from his head to his heels. not a man not even an officer was uniformed each wore his ordinary clothing- leggins and pantaloons of rough wool or buckskin, coarse hunting shirt, and home-made cap of fur or of wool, each carried his own weapons-rifle, tomoahawk and scalping knife; rode his own horse or used his own legs, and each was out to fight the indian way- and each knew that way. "

"only their headdress a gay hankerchief or a cap, distinguished them from the indians themselves in hunting array. "

"he was cleaned and clothed; his long hair had become so matted and tangled with blood and filth that a comb could not be forced through it, and his head was shaven bare. "
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